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before you jump up and down and get all mad/excited/throw-me-off-of-a-bridge, let me stress one big point, i LOVE my job. let me also stress the smaller points that i do not wish that i did not have a job because i want to be able to be lazy, or because i want to take up professional lego building, or because i want to increase my xbox gamerscore. (its 24,095 btw) no i want to not have a job because i was able to work myself out of one.

what does that mean?

you might ask. to fully be able to really explain that, you have to understand what it is that i do for a living. i work for an organization called campus crusade for Christ. it is the goal of said organization to see a day when every single person on the face of this earth truly knows someone who genuinely knows and follows Jesus Christ. as a part (a very very large part) of that job i get to hang out with and engage in spiritual conversations with college students who are all, if they know it or not, searching for something, for someone. and lucky me, i get to introduce them to someone who i was once searching for.

seems like a pretty big deal right? not so easily done i assure you. but the cool thing about that is i can’t do it. i definitely can’t do it alone and i am blessed to be working with some of the most talented people in the united states. but to be honest, we could be the most talented, organized, stratagized, and whatever other -ized we could be and it wouldn’t be enough. and thankfully for that we serve a very big God. everything we are trying to do would be for not if it were not for Him.

another aspect of my job in which i’m trying to work myself out of one is in raising up leaders. i want to train the guy who’s going to take my place, and i want him to be better at my job then i am. (and i don’t want to hear any snide comments about how easy that may or may not be) i want to invest in where i am, to build up leaders, and then be able to move to a new place, rinse and repeat.

so when that day finally comes and my organization’s goals are fully complete, i will probably be without a job, and i will be excited about it. i really don’t know what i’ll do when that day comes… maybe i’ll work on my gamerscore then, or maybe get a couple boxes of legos and see if i can build this… what about you? in what way are you trying to work yourself out of a job? what big thing are you trusting God to see happen?

[update] my buddy chris has also written his thoughts about the same subject over at his blog he did post his first but i’ll have you know (it may not show) i started writing this a couple days ago. and be sure to complement him on his shiny new website.

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in reading the “pursuit of God” by a.w. tozer this weekend, this quote has been messing with me.

there is within the human heart a tough fibrous root of fallen life whose nature is to possess, always possess.  it covets “things” with a deep and fierce passion.  the pronouns “my” and “mine” look innocent enough in print, but their constant and universal use is significant…  they are verbal symptoms of our deep disease.  the roots of our hearts have grown down into things, and we dare not pull up one root lest we die.  things have become necessary to us, a development never originally intended.  God’s gifts now take the place of God, and the whole course of nature is upset by the monstrous substitution.

this has been something that has actually been in my thoughts alot lately… especially due to my lack of transportation situation.  God has really been doing some work in my heart when it comes to the topic of conversation of possessions.  i’ve never been “rich” but there was a time in my life when i really never had to necessarily go without.  there’s just alot of that stuff (a car, decent computer, money to eat out, a bike, etc.) that i seriously took for granted.  now having most of that been taken away (which i can see was God’s doing to really teach me this lesson) i can see where the severe disconnect between me putting my whole dependence on Him instead of just talking about doing it.

God has a funny way of teaching us things.  being without a car has been super frustrating for me.  having to be a burden on people for rides around town having to have students pick me up for appointments, i’m not going to lie to you, it’s been a pretty big strike at my pride.  i’m incredibly grateful to “work” at a “job” where i am loved by the people i “work” with and serve and they’ve been nothing but loving and helpful.  but i’ve seen how instead of relying on God i’ve ended up relying on people.

another side of this is the side where i’ve substituted God’s gifts with God himself.  i’ve seen it in some of my prayers where they arn’t necessarily about God himself but more about what would really help me out if he would do.  less about His goodness, mercy, faithfulness, justice, and love and more about what He should do for me.

i’ll admit it, i’m pretty thick sometimes, especially when it’s about me and my downfalls.  i’m just thankful i serve a patient and very forgiveness God.  He’s definetly teaching me things, and being the man (can i put that?) i am i’ve got to learn the hard way.

leave it to a guy who died almost 50 years ago to figure out what needs to be broken down in my life.

what about you?  what’s something you’re replacing God with?

UPDATE: it looks like pete wilson of cross point church has written about the same thing, using the same quote of tozer’s book on his blog.  crazy…

so in church saturday night we were singing “Jesus paid it all” and in the song is the lyric “Lord now indeed i find, thy power, and thine alone, can change the leper’s spots…” (1:28 in the video) and i realized that up to this point in my life i had always sang it “can change the leopard’s spots…” you know a leopard… bit cat covered in black spots, can run really fast, the print of which can make even the most manly of men look like a dork, or ‘panther padres’ to those who know scientific animal jargon. it just always made sense to me, you can’t change the spots on a leopard… they’re genetic. but at the same time, leprosy, in Bible times at least, was an incurable disease, an instant death sentence… much like getting bit by a zombie in almost any zombie movie. so i had to get to the bottom of things… who was right, me (being pro cat thing) or elvina hall (the person who wrote the lyrics to “Jesus paid it all”)

so my first, and last, stop was to go to the source of all knowledge, google. i had remembered something in the old testament about one or the other (the cat or the disease, i couldn’t really remember which) so i did a handy dandy google search, and being bias and whatnot of corse i search changing a leopard’s spots first. and i was right… in jeremiah 13:23 it says:

can the ethiopian change his skin
or the leopard his spots?
then also you can do good
who are accustomed to do evil.

there i had my proof. me 1, miss hall 0. the Bible wasn’t talking about a skin disease it was talking about the panther padres, the smallest of the “big cat” animal family. but to be fair i proceeded to google about changing leper’s spots and found this. in luke 4 Jesus is officially beginning his ministry and he starts by causing a stir at his local synagogue. Jesus read’s a section of scripture from isaiah which really turned some heads. he goes on to talk about things that occurred during the old testament including the mention that at the time there had been zero healing of leprosy save for one. naaman was the only person up to that point who had ever been healed of the disease and he wasn’t even a decedent of israel.

so as i pondered this and what the late miss hall had written about in her song it really hit me. we’re both right. jeremiah was speaking about our inherent desire to do evil. like it or not we are all morally corrupt people. we’ve all blown it at least once and deep down inside there’s something that just desires doing wrong. so is that it? are we all just doomed to do evil? thankfully no but jeremiah compared this inward desire for wrong doing to that of both an ethiopian being unable to change their skin color and a leopard being unable to change his spots, no matter how hard he scratches. all of the above are genetic. from our skin color (or spots in the big cat’s case) to our desire to do wrong, they all come from up the genetic gene pool, and for us that goes all the way to the top. our first parents sinned against God; they wrongly thought that they could live life on their own, in effect functioning as their own gods. because of this we’re separated from the living God, death entered paradise, and with it arrived such things as murder, war, oppression, and door to door vacuum salesmen. (it’s ok i can make fun of that, i did it for two weeks) and just like how the leopard can’t change his spots and the leper was unable to cleanse himself of his disease, we are unable to cleanse ourselves of the hold of this sin in our life… at least not by ourselves. this is where Jesus stepped in… Jesus has both the ability to heal people of leprosy and other diseases but he also has the power to forgive sins.

so as i was able to think through this it really made me grateful that JC’s working in me to stomp out the desire to do wrong… and also thankful that i don’t suffer from a skin eating virus… like this guy.

what do you think?