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bridge to life…

Posted: July 27, 2010 in nugget from the net

one of the people i went through new staff training natasha (her blog is here) posted a link to this in her blog and i thought it was pretty cool. hope you enjoy it.


ok so i understand that this is probably the 283,42,958,234th blog posted in the last couple days with that title, and like all of those other people i too am excited about the recent announcements concerning the 2012 debut of the avengers movie. with thor next summer and captain america later that year, it’s like a comic book fan’s dream. with announcements of hawkeye (my 2nd favorite comic book character after cap himself) and a new (read third) actor to play the bruce banner/the hulk the cast is shaping up quite nicely. there’s still rumors going around that either nathian fillion or adrien brody will portray henry pym or ant man. (who’s slated for his own edgar wright directed film in 2012 as well) personally i’m pulling for fillion. (who i thought would have made a great hawkeye but i’m happy for renner who starred in the hurt locker to dawn the purple cowl and bow) anyway here’s a quickly photoshopped image of the announced (and rumored) actors and their perspective heroes for the joss wedon (of dr. horrible and firefly fame) helmed upcoming super hero mash-up.

the avengers

robert downey jr as tony stark/iron man

don cheadle as james ‘rhoedy’ rhodes/war machine

chris hemsworth as thor

mark fuffalo as bruce banner/the hulk

chris evans as steve rogers/captain america

jeremy renner as clint barton/hawkeye

and (rumored)

nathan fillion or adrien brody as henery pym/ant man

simply beautiful… mark driscoll from mars hill church out in seattle visits one of istanbul’s most visited buildings. he gives a run through of it’s history. (and rocks a sweet ramones t-shirt) i can attest to how incredible this building is. you’ve got to watch it in hd full screen.

so i’d like to thank the literally 1 person who clicked the survey from from my last post. so with that tanking big time, i guess i’ll just move on to the next thing.

yesterday an article written by a fellow staff member brian barela wrote a guest spot for the famous church crunch one of the sites put on by the 8-bit network who’s mission is to ‘resource the Church with timely, relevant, pratical, and exceptionally valuable content.’ they focus primarily on the use of technology in ministry. check out the article here it’s short so you can do it. i know you can.

on a lighter note…

so i haven’t done one of these in a while, ok a long while. but anyway i watched this horrible movie on dvd and thought i’d share what i thought about it. what did you think?

click to enlarge

a little iron-y

Posted: June 7, 2010 in nugget from the net

ok so that is probably the lamest title anyone has ever used to start a blog post but i stand by it. this afternoon i’ve been hanging out at my favorite spot in billings working on some things in preparation to take off for new staff training in what i hope is sunny florida. (it’s raining here… almost everyday… i’m over it… alot) any-hoo today i finished reading/listening to jonathan acuff’s delightfuly sarcastic book “stuff chrstians like” which you can pick up here in its printed form or here in its audio form. you can check out jon’s blog here for a taste of what i’ve been reading here. a review will be soon coming.

anyway you’re probably wondering what any of this has to do with irony… and for that the short answer is nothing. the long answer is nnnnnnooooooottttttttttthhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiinnnnnggggggggg. but i digress… the reason for the post is i found a funny t-shirt design by a guy named biotwist that is up for voting over at threadless. you can check out more of his work over at his blog. (ps i don’t support all of his designs but i liked this one.) so without further adue here’s ‘super heroic minimalism.’

get it?

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four year strong – enemy of the world

so yeah i couldn’t sleep and found this cute little girl who has great taste in music.  someday i wanna have a kid this cool…

alright so i’m a little ashamed to admit it but over the last couple days i’ve been nearly addicted to so i figured i’d share in my weakness or whatever.  flickchart is a website that pits two movies together and then from several (hundred) of these one on one showdowns it gives you a top 20 (50, 100, 200) of your favorite movies.  it takes some serious consideration because on one side who want’s to pit empire strikes back against raiders of the lost ark?  but on the other side sometimes it’s hard trying to figure out which was the crappier movie star wars episode 2 attack of the clones or men in black 2?  anyway just some mindless fun for you if you’ve got time to kill and are waiting for water to boil or something.  flickchart also keeps embarrassing info about you and the movies you rate.  for example based on the movies i’ve rated (426 movies) i’ve sat in front of a movie screen for a total of 31 days, 5 hours, 12 minutes.  so yeah that kinda sucks.  anyway enjoy flickchart and feel free to look me up on there.