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ok so i’m pretty sure that every person who has a blog, or a blogger to those hipper than i, that is not a professional, updates it regular and has no trouble making time and all that good stuff… i’m sure that if you are a blogger that you wrote a clever and hilarious post within the last few days and it is being read and commented on and praised among your peers. this has not been the case for me. i don’t know what it is… i start, it’s fun, i maybe make it a solid week with good posts, and then i crash and burn like the hindenburg. (too soon?)

so i said all that to say this… i don’t want to drop the ball on this. i would like to write regularly, hopefully give a little bit of insight into what’s going on in my life, give myself an outlit to voice my opinions, my observations, expose the world to my grammatical and spelling faux pas, as well as share cool stuff that i’m reading, watching, and stumbling upon on the internet.

the problem i have is that most blogs pick one thing, and they do it well. for example if you want to find out about cool new technology and gadgets you’d probably check out someplace like endgadget. (if you said gizmodo you would be wrong, those guys suck for lots of reasons) if you wanted information on video games and what’s new in that world you’d check out someplace like kotaku. if you wanted to laugh at how funny christians are (and let’s face it, we are a pretty funny bunch) you’d go check out the hilarious, sarcastic, and brilliant Jon Acuff’s blog stuff christians like. and because i feel that four examples seems to be the appropriate number of examples for this if you are looking for guidance in combining leadership with innovation and technology than look no further than my good friend matt mccomas’ blog leadership, technology, innovation (clever title no?).

so, what all these blogs have in common is that they all have picked one thing to do and they do it well. for me, my brain has never worked like that. i’ve always been this “jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none” kind of person who really can’t land on any one, well anything.

so that’s my dilemma, and as you can even tell from this post, me being focused and not scatter-brained is about as likely as this bottle of lotion really being the re-incarnation of adolf hitler. ok so that’s probably enough nazi era references for one day. i digress… the bottom line is this blog is going to be all over the place, it’s going to be about me, about the things i find interesting, about what God is teaching me, and about the adventure he’s taking me on. i know all that sounds a little conceited to have a blog about me. why would you want to read about me? a question you’ve no doubt asked yourself already. and i get it, i would ask that too. hopefully you’ll find something here that interests you, do you like movies? this blog is for you. do you like music? than this blog is for you. do you think that christians are weird? me too… this blog is for you. do you love Jesus? me too… this blog is definitely for you.

hopefully this doesn’t end up in a fiery ball that is done in less than 30 seconds as the aforementioned zeppelin of death did and i stay focused enough keep it up. stay tuned for what’s going on in my neck of the woods.


so long time no see… how’ve ya been? good… good… glad you got that taken care of. how’ve i been? i’ve been doing alright been really busy but things have been going great. well right now i’m currently at about 35,000 feet, and have began probably what is the latest and greatest adventure that God’s taking me on. i’m on a plane with 6 students flying to denver ready to meet up with 3 more students and one staff member from washingston state university where we will make our way out to germany and then down to the middle east. it’s pretty darn exciting but a little nerve racking… we’ve already run into some… bumps you could call them… but God’s been providing and fitting pieces… be it at the last possible minute. i’m pretty sure he’s got our backs. i’m very excited to see how he’s going to continue to provide. i’ve gotta catch a flight to germany. i’ll update again when i can.

It’s been a really long time since i’ve really wrote anything here of real meaning. i’ve gotten to post some pictures and what not but as far as substance… not so much. so here’s my feeble efforts of being (somewhat) serious in what’s been going on.

well i’m about half-way through the time i have to raise support for my year at montana state. as it stands right now i’m at 15%. not exactly where i’m supposed to be at this point but hey if God can part seas, keep the sun from setting, and providing food through birds this is seriously nothing. despite that it’s been really tough to preserver with a real lack of momentum. and it’s not just support stuff that’s been rough. in the last two weeks i’ve had the privilege to destroy both my cell phone and ipod as well as came close to losing my car. in the saying that the Lord givith and taketh away, he’s really been in the taketh away mood lately. so that’s really been my prayer lately, that God would start to give this process some serious momentum.

recently, (last night) thanks to a man who’s been a phenomenal encouragement to me gave me a link to a talk by dr. david jeremiah entitled “when you are in a hurry and God isn’t.” one of the things that really stood out to me is when he talked about patience being the same thing as endurance.

“no matter what kind of shape you are in if you push yourself to the limit you will come to the place where you hit ‘the wall.’ that means you come to the place where your mind and your body begin to argue with one another. your mind says ‘i can’t do this anymore!’ and your body starts to agree. but because you are determined you just keep putting one foot infront of the other until you come to the point where you break through the wall. and you get a new burst of energy and you get what they call the ‘second wind’ and with the second wind you get a new burst of energy even greater then you had at the beginning…”

i feel like this is the part of the story where the plot is supposed to really take a turn. where things start going right for our hero… where the second wind really kicks in. because Lord knows i’ve hit the wall. i’ve hit the wall, backed up and ran into it even harder only to be knocked on my butt again. so here i am back in billings hoping and praying for God to show up in this last month and a half. i’ve got 85% to go and not alot of phone numbers to call. so please be in prayer. thanks and hopefully i’ll be able to do this a little more often and so they won’t be so long. and in everything let God’s will be done.

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Posted: April 13, 2009 in new chapter, the beginning

here’s the letter that i sent out with my graduation announcements. hopefuly it gives you some insight into what’s going on in my life.

hello all, in case you don’t remember, (and i don’t blame you) i’m jake demaray, i’m 23 and now a recent graduate from montana state university with a degree in mechanical engineering. the reason i’m writing this is because, well let’s face it, i haven’t really been around much for the last couple years and i really wanted to update you on what God’s been doing in my life so far and where i think he’s taking me in the future. i actually don’t have a computer at the moment and so i’m writing this in segments on barrowed laptops at various coffee shops. so if it seems a little scattered that’s why. anyway…
where to begin? well we can start with school. i graduated from msu in december with a degree in mechanical engineering. a feat that i still really haven’t come to grips with. me, a college grad… and in just under 5 years. this last summer i had the privilege to partake in an internship with the boeing company out in the seattle, washington area. it was quite an experience. i worked for the interiors group for the boeing 787 dreamliner, working with the testing and certification of airplane monuments. to everyone who doesn’t work at boeing, what that means is that i helped test airplane closets, partitions, and walls for their new “airplane of the future.” during my brief stint at boeing i was able to see how big of a company boeing is and they took really good care of me. i lived in the basement of a beautiful house with a view many would hope to retire to with a friend from msu. after finishing my internship up in august i headed back to bozeman to finish up my last 8 credits of school. in november i received a letter offering me a full time position at the boeing company upon my graduation in december. i don’t want to give away the ending so i’m going to tarantino this and we’ll come back to this.
as for my personal life, i’ve been seeing a cute red-head who is currently finishing up her nursing degree as a montana state student on the university of montana campus in missoula. mid-april we will have been dating for three years and in may she will be graduating. what will happen next is still up in the air. the reason for this is that over the last few years God has been doing some incredible things in my life. i’d say his work has been a life-long process starting with how i’ve been raised. things really hit the high gear in college. after my freshman year i wasn’t exactly walking close to God or really seeking out his plan for my life. not to say i was doing bad things, i just wasn’t doing anything good either. this continued on into my sophomore year and on december 31st 2005 God really got my attention. i was disgusted by my apathetic existence and that night i had had enough of it. that night i put a stake in the ground. i told God that i was his. life didn’t change drastically or anything but i started getting more involved with a movement on the msu campus called campus crusade for christ. a month or two later an opportunity to go to new orleans and help people in the upper 9th ward (the area hardest hit by the broken levees) over spring break. this was a life changing week for me. i saw utter destruction. i helped people take everything they owned and pile it on the side of the streets to be picked up and taken to a landfill. it was a very sobering experience. but from there God started giving me what can only be called an eternal perspective. it can also be mentioned that it was on this trip that i met who could quite possibly be the future mrs. demaray.
the following summer i had the opportunity to go on a summer project to east asia. i say east asia due to security reasons but i’m sure you could figure out what country i’m talking about. God did great things in my life over that summer. he really gave me a heart for evangelism, discipleship, and foreign countries. that summer really took me out of my comfort zone and stuck me in the heart of a culture that doesn’t even have a clue that God exists or that he loves them and has a plan for each of their lives. i didn’t know it at the time but it was that summer that would begin to shape my understanding of the path that God has for my life.
over the last couple months of my last semester in college people began challenging me to really think about going on staff with campus crusade. at first this just seemed kinda crazy. i was going to school to be an engineer, i was going to make good money coming out of college, get married, start a family, and all that other “american dream” stuff. little did i know God was preparing my heart for a big change.
so that brings me to where i was four months ago, a college degree, a lucrative job offer, and no idea what to do with either of them. i mean on one hand i have a job with a very powerful company with endless opportunity. but on the other, i have an opportunity to give that up and serve my God and my savior. through the decision process it really all came down to one train of thought, “in 1000 years, which decision will still matter?” so i called up boeing and told them that i was unable to accept their generous job offer. so if i were to go through with this it wouldn’t start training or support raising until the end of april so i needed to find a job. due to the poor economic times those were unbelievably scarce in bozeman, let alone the rest of the us. so 3 months of searching later i was still unable to find a job and my savings was rapidly depleting. i was down to my last 30 dollars and rent was due at the end of the week. it seemed like my only choice was to move to billings and live with my mom and hope the job market was better there. i had my little toyota carolla packed with everything i own ready to make the 2 hour drive to billings and i got a phone call from wal*mart. a place that i had applied to like 2 months before and had completely written off. they wanted to give me a job. so i had a job but no place to live. well a married couple who just recently went off staff with crusade offered to let me stay in their extra bedroom as long as i need to, rent free. so what God provided, again, out of nowhere, so i started working part time at wal*mart hoping they would give me more hours. about another two weeks later i got called by an oriental establishment in town called mongolian bbq about an open dishwasher position. so i’ve been working both to make up for not being able to work for the last 4 months. and that brings me to today.
i’m sitting in a coffee shop on a barrowed laptop asking you to pray for me as i being this new chapter of my life. pray that i would never look back at turning down boeing as a mistake. pray that tabitha and i would be able to handle another year of not being able to finally get married due to life’s circumstances. pray that my support would come in and that God would continue to use this whole experience to strengthen my faith and that this story would encourage everyone who hears it. thanks for taking the time to read all this and i hope that it encouraged you. if you are going to be in the bozeman area on may 9th please join me for a reception after my graduation. and don’t feel like you have to come to the graduation itself, those are pretty boring. i pray that God would bless you as you bless those around you and in all things that his will would be done. thank you.

jake demaray