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monthly update #1

Posted: July 2, 2009 in monthly update, mpd

here’s the first montly update for support partners that will hopefuly go out tomorrow. click on them to make them bigger/readable. questions, comments… let me know.

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It’s been a really long time since i’ve really wrote anything here of real meaning. i’ve gotten to post some pictures and what not but as far as substance… not so much. so here’s my feeble efforts of being (somewhat) serious in what’s been going on.

well i’m about half-way through the time i have to raise support for my year at montana state. as it stands right now i’m at 15%. not exactly where i’m supposed to be at this point but hey if God can part seas, keep the sun from setting, and providing food through birds this is seriously nothing. despite that it’s been really tough to preserver with a real lack of momentum. and it’s not just support stuff that’s been rough. in the last two weeks i’ve had the privilege to destroy both my cell phone and ipod as well as came close to losing my car. in the saying that the Lord givith and taketh away, he’s really been in the taketh away mood lately. so that’s really been my prayer lately, that God would start to give this process some serious momentum.

recently, (last night) thanks to a man who’s been a phenomenal encouragement to me gave me a link to a talk by dr. david jeremiah entitled “when you are in a hurry and God isn’t.” one of the things that really stood out to me is when he talked about patience being the same thing as endurance.

“no matter what kind of shape you are in if you push yourself to the limit you will come to the place where you hit ‘the wall.’ that means you come to the place where your mind and your body begin to argue with one another. your mind says ‘i can’t do this anymore!’ and your body starts to agree. but because you are determined you just keep putting one foot infront of the other until you come to the point where you break through the wall. and you get a new burst of energy and you get what they call the ‘second wind’ and with the second wind you get a new burst of energy even greater then you had at the beginning…”

i feel like this is the part of the story where the plot is supposed to really take a turn. where things start going right for our hero… where the second wind really kicks in. because Lord knows i’ve hit the wall. i’ve hit the wall, backed up and ran into it even harder only to be knocked on my butt again. so here i am back in billings hoping and praying for God to show up in this last month and a half. i’ve got 85% to go and not alot of phone numbers to call. so please be in prayer. thanks and hopefully i’ll be able to do this a little more often and so they won’t be so long. and in everything let God’s will be done.

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Posted: April 26, 2009 in mpd, portland

so here i am, portland or, the greenest city in the united states, the rose city, the most populated city in oregon, the thirtieth most populated city in the united states, and according to wikipedia, the hub of the american do-it-yourself youth culture. i’m not really sure exactly what that means so i’m just going to move on. i’ve been privy to such local sights as the hawthorne bridge, interstate 84, and the local denny’s. i can’t tell you which hotel i’m staying at but i can tell you that there are two trees involved. here’s a picture of what i’m sure portland is supposed to look like.

for all i’ve ever seen this is a more accurate picture of the portland looks like.

anyway i’ve traveled for 12 hours and 800 miles in order to learn all about what it means to fully rely on God when it comes to, well basically everything. but mostly the area of finances. i’m currently finishing up my last night of ministry partner development. below is a small (oh so very small) example of the notes i’ve been taking all day today on what it looks like to both be bold in asking people to partner with me in what God’s been leading me to but also in trusting that God will provide everything that i need. not always so easy…

so here i am, tired, overwhelmed, broken, but excited. this is my sending out, my commissioning. this is the real deal. i’m a missionary. crazy huh? to be honest… i never really saw this day coming… know what i mean? as a kid i always wanted to be a cop or a fire-fighter (screw being an astronaut, i’ve seen space movies, nothing good ever happens in space) and then as i grew up, a musician, a rock star. and then even later an engineer. i mean that’s what i’ve busted my hump to be over the last five years. but a missionary on a school campus as my full time occupation? never. it just goes to show that you really never know what curve balls you’re going to be thrown. i mean if you talked to me this time last year i would have told you that i’m going to do my internship at boeing, graduate in december, and then probably move to seattle and start living in “the real world” (not the mtv real world, because there’s really nothing real about that but it would be pretty fun to live in a house with all those crazy people right?)

but starting tomorrow it’s time to start job number 3, support raising. i’ve figured out what i need to raise to cover the entire year. yep, I have until Aug 15th to have that pledged to crusade or i’m out. like out out. like no job, no place to go and a 12 month lease to pay. so yeah, i think it’s pretty safe to say that i’m going to need lots, and lots, and lots of prayer over the summer. well i’m bushed and have another morning of “class” tomorrow morning as well as a lovely 12 hour drive back to Bozeman so i’m going to hit the sack. goodnight…

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