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so long time no see… how’ve ya been? good… good… glad you got that taken care of. how’ve i been? i’ve been doing alright been really busy but things have been going great. well right now i’m currently at about 35,000 feet, and have began probably what is the latest and greatest adventure that God’s taking me on. i’m on a plane with 6 students flying to denver ready to meet up with 3 more students and one staff member from washingston state university where we will make our way out to germany and then down to the middle east. it’s pretty darn exciting but a little nerve racking… we’ve already run into some… bumps you could call them… but God’s been providing and fitting pieces… be it at the last possible minute. i’m pretty sure he’s got our backs. i’m very excited to see how he’s going to continue to provide. i’ve gotta catch a flight to germany. i’ll update again when i can.