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moving again…

Posted: August 13, 2010 in i don't need no stinking label

thanks to some help form my good friend matt mccomas over at “leadership, technology, innovation” i have my own independent website. which means i am again abandoning my current blog… i’m sorry, i won’t delete this one but i won’t be updating here anymore… and what’s helpful to you it means you have to type less when you’re trying to find me. the new web address is (isn’t it great to not have to type all that .wordpress stuff?) so yeah just click the above image or website or however you feel let to go to the new blog. there’ll be a new update there in the next day or so to kick things off. there’s also a link there to the new rss feed. you can also find it here.  see you on the other side. also i’m just getting used to things so it’s a little under construction so yeah, just a heads up.


so i’ve been working on ways to improve this whole ‘planet mug’ or ‘global goblet’ thing or whatever it’s called, the big soccer thing everybody’s so worked up about. i’m pretty sure that if we do things my way viewer-ship will increase 100 fold.

rule changes

  1. no goalies… you simply put one of the forward’s grandmothers in a dunk tank filled with icy cold water and send her in whenever his team misses a shot on the empty goal.
  2. no cleats… everybody wears those giant led filled frankenstein boots. this should help to make new rule number one much more interesting.
  3. all substitutes are knife wielding monkeys, except for the back up captains who have slingshots as well.
  4. all the refs are mma fighters and every time a player goes down and fakes an injury, the ref will step in, stop play and administer unto that player, the injury that he is faking.

i feel like rules like these will result in teams like portugal fielding an all monkey side after every single one of their players has been roughed up by the refs because of all their dives.

that’s all i have for now, i have some thoughts on penalty shots but i need to do some more research on the geneva convention before i redefine exactly what a penalty shot is.

what about you? got any ideas to make soccer more fun to watch?

the above was paraphrased from a comic strip i read this morning. i can take very little of the credit.

so while i’m down in rainy florida at new staff training apparently it’s the end of the world back home in billings.  apparently an incredible tornado touched down and destroyed a good chunk of the billings metra. amazingly enough the action was caught on film by someone i met last summer when i helped out with journey church and harvest church’s jr/sr high summer camp. below is a link to the video of the metra being torn apart as well as a picture of the inside and a video of the aftermath.

video here

so i was just curious… you clicked on this right? you didn’t accidentally here misspelling, did you? i really didn’t think so… so yeah i just wanted to try and get a better idea of who comes here and how i can make this place better, more awesome, and 100% more funny. (trust me it works)

apparently i am not smart enough to get this to embedd so if its not too much trouble would you go here and fill out the shortest three question questionnaire you’ve ever been asked to fill out. pretty please? i’ll buy you a pony… (ok that’s a lie, i will not and can not purchase a pony for anyone… if i did i would be riding that sucker through the streets instead of typing this)

ok so i’m pretty sure that every person who has a blog, or a blogger to those hipper than i, that is not a professional, updates it regular and has no trouble making time and all that good stuff… i’m sure that if you are a blogger that you wrote a clever and hilarious post within the last few days and it is being read and commented on and praised among your peers. this has not been the case for me. i don’t know what it is… i start, it’s fun, i maybe make it a solid week with good posts, and then i crash and burn like the hindenburg. (too soon?)

so i said all that to say this… i don’t want to drop the ball on this. i would like to write regularly, hopefully give a little bit of insight into what’s going on in my life, give myself an outlit to voice my opinions, my observations, expose the world to my grammatical and spelling faux pas, as well as share cool stuff that i’m reading, watching, and stumbling upon on the internet.

the problem i have is that most blogs pick one thing, and they do it well. for example if you want to find out about cool new technology and gadgets you’d probably check out someplace like endgadget. (if you said gizmodo you would be wrong, those guys suck for lots of reasons) if you wanted information on video games and what’s new in that world you’d check out someplace like kotaku. if you wanted to laugh at how funny christians are (and let’s face it, we are a pretty funny bunch) you’d go check out the hilarious, sarcastic, and brilliant Jon Acuff’s blog stuff christians like. and because i feel that four examples seems to be the appropriate number of examples for this if you are looking for guidance in combining leadership with innovation and technology than look no further than my good friend matt mccomas’ blog leadership, technology, innovation (clever title no?).

so, what all these blogs have in common is that they all have picked one thing to do and they do it well. for me, my brain has never worked like that. i’ve always been this “jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none” kind of person who really can’t land on any one, well anything.

so that’s my dilemma, and as you can even tell from this post, me being focused and not scatter-brained is about as likely as this bottle of lotion really being the re-incarnation of adolf hitler. ok so that’s probably enough nazi era references for one day. i digress… the bottom line is this blog is going to be all over the place, it’s going to be about me, about the things i find interesting, about what God is teaching me, and about the adventure he’s taking me on. i know all that sounds a little conceited to have a blog about me. why would you want to read about me? a question you’ve no doubt asked yourself already. and i get it, i would ask that too. hopefully you’ll find something here that interests you, do you like movies? this blog is for you. do you like music? than this blog is for you. do you think that christians are weird? me too… this blog is for you. do you love Jesus? me too… this blog is definitely for you.

hopefully this doesn’t end up in a fiery ball that is done in less than 30 seconds as the aforementioned zeppelin of death did and i stay focused enough keep it up. stay tuned for what’s going on in my neck of the woods.


i saw this interview with the “founder” of one of my favorite websites and companies rooster teeth productions over here at university of texas’ (hook em horns!) college of business website.  the interview discusses some of the changing dynamics of the film world and the effect the internet has had on people putting out and consuming media as well as how they respond to it, plus it includes several clips from the popular web series red vs blue*. you can also check out live action shorts* that the guys at rooster teeth write, produce, and star in.

*warning shorts and videos may contain harsh or offensive language…

so yeah i couldn’t sleep and found this cute little girl who has great taste in music.  someday i wanna have a kid this cool…