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ok so here’s the deal… i’ve already started a blog but really feel like i’ve lost the guster to keep things going… so i’m starting over. i’m hoping a new blog on from a new webhost will give me some new umph to keeping this party going. let’s get down to some get to know you’s.

my name is jake demaray. a simple google search of my name will tell you that i’m the writer/producer of a movie called “50 pills.” that would not be me… further searching would show that i’m a 23 year old (24 in a week) graduate of montana state university with a degree in mechanical engineering. after graduation i had the oppertunity to work at either micron in bosie id, spirit aerosystems in witicha ks, or boeing in seattle wa. the summer before i got an internship with the boeing company in everett washington working on the new boeing 787 dreamliner. it was kind of a dream job for me and I had alot of fun being in the seattle area going to concerts and getting involved in mars hill church. ok so long story short i really didn’t feel any… what’s the word… life, in my job. so on return to school for my last semester i had no idea what my future was going to hold. on the advice of a pretty influential guy in my life named thang i considered what my life would look like in full time ministry. whelp fast forward a year and i just finished raising support for my first year of internship with campus crusade for Christ. to find out more about the organization you can check out so yeah i’m almost half-way through my intern year and know that i don’t want to do anything else for the rest of my life. so this summer (summer 2010) i officially start my journey, no adventure, as a full time crū staff member.

one thing i’m learning is that this type of work is surrounded by a battle. this battle is for the hearts and minds of the world’s college students. so that’s what this is… notes from the world’s battle grounds. I hope this will be encouraging to you as well as give you some insight into what college students today are dealing and struggling with.

i hope you’ll join with me in seeing this wet, wild, and crazy adventure i’m on. this road is going to be taking me around the country and hopefuly around the world. thanks for tuning in and i’ll see you next time.

how excited do i look?

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