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so i’d like to thank the literally 1 person who clicked the survey from from my last post. so with that tanking big time, i guess i’ll just move on to the next thing.

yesterday an article written by a fellow staff member brian barela wrote a guest spot for the famous church crunch one of the sites put on by the 8-bit network who’s mission is to ‘resource the Church with timely, relevant, pratical, and exceptionally valuable content.’ they focus primarily on the use of technology in ministry. check out the article here it’s short so you can do it. i know you can.

on a lighter note…

so i haven’t done one of these in a while, ok a long while. but anyway i watched this horrible movie on dvd and thought i’d share what i thought about it. what did you think?

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got to see this in 3D before i left billings… i kinda wish i coulda seen it in the imax but i guess this’ll have to do.

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saw this in portland before i took off:

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saw this opening night but i’ve been so busy that i haven’t had any time to put it together. also saw star trek a couple nights ago, review on the way along with a few other’s i’ve seen in the last couple weeks/months. oh and don’t get me wrong, this movie was somewhat entertaining but i’m a comic book nerd, i’ve got expectations

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i saw the original way back in high school and the remake a couple weeks ago. had to re-watch the original to remember why someone would want to re-make it. my advice… i’ll let the review speak for itself.

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got this idea from a pretty cool guy. more to follow.

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