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today marks the beginning of what i believe is the second annual blogference.  started last year by brian barela a staff member of campus crusade at chico state university in california.  brian started this as a means to develop conversation and discussion about ministry between people who desire to see the great commission seen through to the end. (hopefully all people who call themselves believers fall into this category)

similar to a regular conference the blogference consists of several “speakers” who each prepare basically a talk in the form of a blog post.  they range in size but they are all designed in order to help generate ideas, questions, and in general discussion within those who read the posts.  The posts go live at various times during the day and (at least this year) are broken down into 5 different topics.

by clicking on the above you’ll be taken to posts dealing with that topic.  i would highly encourage you to check them out and please comment on them.  share your ideas, insight, encouragement, constructive criticism, and experience.  this isn’t by any means limited to those who chose vocational ministry as their career path but can be used by anyone.

anyway, today (april 13th) through thursday (april 15th) but i’m sure that discussion will continue much longer than that.  please check things out.  below is a video of brian explaining a bit about the heart of the blogference.