conan (and kimmle, and furgeson, and letterman) throw nbc (and carson daly) under a bus…

Posted: January 15, 2010 in i don't need no stinking label, just4fun

did ya see this? did ya hear about this? apparently the late night wars are in full swing and it looks like nobody is pulling any punches. if you didn’t really know what’s going on letterman kinda summarizes a history of late night here.

the guys over at have taken the last couple nights of the late night shows and sifted through each episode to bring you what the comedians are saying about nbc’s latest screw up. in my opinion i’m a big craig furguson fan over on cbs on “the late late show,” but if i had to choose between team leno and team conan i’ve gotta stick with the ginger on this one.

i really don’t understand why this is really being made such a big deal. i mean the sad thing about this is, these shows only pull an audience of what, 2 or 3 million people to watch these shows, and there’s somewhere around 300 million people in america. so on a good night 1% of the american population even cares about this stuff and yet it’s “breaking news” on the front page of news papers and news websites that we’re all supposed to care about so much. all i know is it’s the love of money behind all of this and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down.

i did love how almost everyone took shots at carson daly… i mean the guys kind of a tool… and to that you might have said “carson who?” so if you’re curious click here.

what do you think? team leno? team conan? team daly? team i could care less?

conan, ferguson, kimmel (as leno), and letterman: bashing nbc like it’s their jobs (well i guess it kinda is)

day 2: the plot sickens…

the next day: john stewart (the daily show) and stephen cobert (the cobert report) get in on the action on day 3


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